Oceanic Delta 5 EDX Regulator Package


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“Over 20 years ago we gave ourselves a challenge to design a rugged and reliable all-purpose regulator that would be at home in cold water or warm and breathe just as good at 5m as it did at 40m. We called that regulator the Delta, and we still do.”

We’ve paired the Delta5 eDX with a OP20 Octopus Regulator and Slimline SPG Combination for the perfect scuba regulator set under $900.

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This package is only available in Yoke online. Please contact us if you require a DIN option.



The Delta 5 is the next step in a long line of remarkably reliable, durable and smoothly breathing regulators to carry that name. Sure, we’ve given it an updated look, but that’s not all. Like the deltas before it the 5 comes standard with our patented Dynamic Adjustment Technology that, once set by the diver, provides consistent airflow at any depth. It also comes standard with a dive/pre-dive switch and a super comfortable orthodontic mouth piece. This latest edition though has a new, and updated, all metal pneumatic valve providing super smooth breathing performance in any condition.

  • Pneumatically balanced all-metal valve.
  • Dive/pre-dive switch & patented dynamic airflow adjustment control.
  • Mechanical Purge button for consistent air-flow pressure on during purge.
  • Nitrox Compatibility – Standard to 40%.
  • Balanced diaphragm first stage eDX is environmentally sealed and cold-water ready.
  • Heat Exchanger for Improved cold-water performance.
  • Ergonomic exhalation venting.
  • Dimensions (Front Profile) – 2.5 inch diameter (circular).
  • Dual-material orthodontic mouthpiece with bite tabs.
  • Service Interval – 2 Year, Required.
  • Lifetime Warranty with Free Parts for Life.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Miflex Braided Hose

Ships fully assembled with a Slimline SPG and OP20 Occy Regulator.

For more information and reviews, see the Submerged Nation Website

2 Year Servicing Lifetime Warranty

Additional information

Weight 1.52 kg
Dimensions 35 × 17.5 × 8.5 cm


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