Our Dive Equipment

Like everything else that sets us apart, we have the latest equipment. We replace our key dive equipment every six months on a rolling basis so you’re always diving on the latest. Our in-house factory trained technician keeps a close eye on all equipment each and every week.

Dive Equipment

Not just any regulator and BC will do. With a genuine belief in the best, we don’t use ‘rental regs’ built by some manufacturers as low cost solutions for dive stores. With over 80 years combined dive experience, the team knew what we needed – our rental stocks feature Atomic Aquatics T3 and Oceanic FDxi Zeo Regulators, the Atomic Aquatics Best in Dive BC1, Veo 3.0 Wrist Computers, BUD Backup Computers, Oceanic Rebel 3mm full length wetsuits, Lavacore & Enth Degree Thermal Protection, Oceanic Manta Ray Fins, Catalina (Aluminium), Faber (Steel) Dive tanks, and a variety of masks including Shadow, M1, M3 and Cyanea. We also have GoPro and Paralenz Cameras.

Technical Dive Equipment

The Tech Dive Team selected Hollis as their preferred equipment partner for our technical programmes – the rental department features stocks of the SMS50, Katana and SMS100 Side Mount Harnesses, Elite Harnesses and Backplates, the LX Series Wings, Hollis Tec Torches and Canister Lights, Pathfinder Reels, Lift Bags and SMBs. Tech Dive have also selected the 200LX DCx series Regulators for Tech Rental. Available in Standard & Sidemount configurations. Stage regs including the Hollis O2 regulator, are also standard.


The Prism 2 Technical Rebreather is available from rental, along with a full range of CCR support equipment – rebreather diluent and O2 tanks (Steel and Ali options) – Booster Pumps, Sorb etc.

and More…

Our rental stock also includes the Hollis H-150 Scooter, Kirby Morgan M48 Mod 1 Full Face Masks with both Scuba and Rebreather Pods available, Kirby Morgan Band Masks, KMACS Panels and Amron Comms boxes, Portable Breathing Air Compressors (electric and petrol), Air Testing Equipment (Kitagawa), and gas Analyzers from Analytical Industries.

And we have a good stock of Gulper Crates, Pelican Cases, and palletisable Roadcases (yes our entertainment industry heritage is showing) to protect it for any expeditions you can dream up.

Rental Gear