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Like everything that sets us apart, we do dive travel differently.

We of course dive locally and at some of the best spots around Australia, BUT we also create private expeditions and training options further afield – in recent times this has seen us diving Japan, Gibraltar, Mexico, Scotland, Tonga, Malta, Vanuatu, Philippines, New Zealand, Taiwan, Papua Nugini, Egypt, Cocos Islands, Canada, Fiji, Bahamas, Curacao, Florida, California, Italy, Great Lakes, Morocco and Libya.

If you’re looking for our information on our lauded LUXE private charter locally on the Great Barrier Reef for the day or overnight, then head here.

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Bespoke Private Diving

Renowned for our private dive expeditions and off the beating track barefoot luxe diving created from your bucket list, we went a step further back in 2019 and introduced our annual Curated Collection of Expeditions.

Let our team with global knowledge, and a passion for LUXE Travel, Great Food and Bespoke Dive Experiences create the ultimate experience for YOU.

These turnkey expeditions are designed around the principal of a total expedition experience, not only the underwater activities, but land based, gastronomic, and culture immersion.

LuxeOpening Wine

From luxury airport transfers, business seats and first class suites, to our best in class dive equipment, epicurean delights, and historical journeys to the past – all discreetly delivered without glare or crowds and escorted by the careful hand of a matched member of our instructor team.

Needless to say our HVG/EIP Client team deliver all logistics, staffing, excursions and are on hand at just the right moment to ensure unforgettable adventures.

“Uncharted waters” – we are even creating bespoke expeditions to dive rarely or unexplored waters, hunt down that elusive wreck, or participate in citizen science, marine research and ocean protection programmes.

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Expedition Dive Travel 2022

After a fully booked 2019 season (and a sadly cancelled 2020-21 seasons due to Covid19), we are now booking our 2022 Collection...

These LUXE Expedition Dives have been carefully Curated by the team to offer our Customers bespoke, unique expedition style travel. Like everything we do, itineraries can be completely tailored to your personal needs and desires. Designed for the individual through to your own group of up to six guests (friends or family).
Please contact your team member for further details, or call us on +61 7 4015 2915.



Experience the real Japan. 10 and 14 day itineraries taking in Ice Diving in the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido, Hammer Head Diving in Mikomoto, the Pelagics and Wrecks of Izu, Yonaguni Formations (Japan's Atlantis) and the tropical reefs and mantas of Ishigaki Island. This expedition is designed to delight the diver and their taste buds. Open to recreational, technical and rebreather divers.

  • Whiskey Distillery Tour and Tasting
  • Tokyo Michelin Star Dining Experience
  • Tokyo Nightlife
  • Teamlab Experience
  • Private Onsens (Hot Springs)
  • Ice Diving in Shiretoko Peninsula
  • Hammer Head Shark Diving in Mikomoto (Izu)
  • Pelagic and Wreck Dive opportunities in Izu Peninsula
  • Dive the famed Yonaguni Formations, Japanese answer to Atlantis (Seasonal)
  • Tropical Reef and Manta Ray diving off Ishigaki Island one of Japan’s southern most islands


  • First and Business Class Flights to Tokyo from capital cities worldwide with Emirates, ANA or Singapore Airlines
  • Shakenzen Bullet Train (Green Car/Business Class) Transfers
  • Private Vehicle Transfers
  • Dates: Available 8 months of the year due to weather access (modified itineraries available year round)
Japan WhiskeyMt Fuji JapanJapanese OnsenDive JapanMantas in Ishigaki

RUSSIA - Kola Peninsula

Ice Diving and Beluga Whale Dives/Wreck Diving in the Kola Peninsula with access to untouched wrecks – including submarines. 7 and 12 day itineraries available. These trips are open to both Open Circuit and Rebreather technical divers. Diving is both shore and day vessel based. Please note specific VISA requirements and security approvals apply to this expedition option.

  • Recommended Side trip: It maybe a 2400km side trip, but for our Southern Hemisphere clients, we recommend adding a side trip to Chernobyl, Ukraine on the way home. Contact us for details on this amazing private side tour.


  • First and Business Class Flights to Europe from capital cities worldwide with Emirates or Singapore Airlines, then private transfer to the Kola Peninsula.
  • Dates: Beluga Whales/Wrecks Aug/Sept 2020, then May/June 2021, Ice Diving March 2021.
  • Private Transfers
  • Historical 5 Star Accommodation
Kola SubsDive with BelugaIce DiveKola

NEW ZEALAND – Fiordland / Milford Sound

Our New Zealand trips have always been a unique take on a beautiful country. This itinerary focuses on the western side of the South Island, covering Fiordland and/or Milford Sound, with 5, 9 and 14 day itineraries and combinations. Our luxury liveaboard vessel includes ROV and Kayaks in addition to full dive facilities. This trip include some amazing vistas throughout the South Island.

  • Visit Queenstown & Arrowtown
  • Glenorchy via private charter vessel
  • Lake Wanaka and the Remarkables
  • Cruise and Dive Milford Sound and/or Fiordland from your luxury liveaboard.
  • Recommended Side Trips: (1) For those arriving or departing via Auckland, we recommend adding two nights to experience the culinary experiences from the likes of Chef Al Brown (Depot, The Fed), and just two hours away by private transfer is the world famous Poor Knights Marine Park and Snappa Rock, a dive and foodie duo not to be missed – add our private charter to some of the best sub-tropical diving in the world. Suitable for recreational, technical and CCR divers. (2) Hawkes Bay, original home to one half of Tech Dive Directors, offers a depth of vineyards and dining options, surf beaches and yes some very different diving (wrecks and reef) that should be enjoyed, just an hour by plane from Auckland.


  • First and Business Class Flights to Auckland or Christchurch from capital cities worldwide with Emirates or Singapore Airlines, Business Class transfers to Queenstown with Air New Zealand.
  • Private Road Transfers or Heli Transfers direct to the vessel available.
  • 5 Star Hotel Accommodation
  • Private Vehicle Transfers
  • Private Luxury Liveaboard
Private Charter DiveMilford SoundMilford Sounddepot


Having organised some private expeditions for guests over the last few years to Bikini, we have put together the ultimate Marshall Islands experience taking in diving at Bikini Atoll from a luxury liveaboard, a visit to Enewetak and some other untouched wrecks on the return leg. 12 and 16 day itinerary options. Suitable for OC Technical and CCR divers.


  • Flight Options: Private Charter Flight from Australia, Business Class Flights from Hawaii, or charter flight access from Guam to Bucholz Airfield, transfer to vessel.
  • Luxury Liveaboard Vessel

NEW JERSEY USA - Atlantic Wrecks

With the success of our Great Lakes Expeditions trips based out of Chicago, you kept asking for an option for the Wrecks of New Jersey and while there has been a lot of talk about condition of the Andrea Doria, it is still a bucket list dive, and remains difficult to access. With over 2000 wrecks off the coast of New Jersey we’ve put together a 14 day Wreck Expedition. This trip is only suitable for experience OC Technical and CCR divers. The trip is split between liveaboard (off shore wrecks) and day boat trips for inshore wrecks.

  • New York based Pre and Post Dive travel Food and Entertainment Experience
  • Recommended Side trip: for our Southern Hemisphere clients, we recommend adding a side trip to Cape Cod / Nantucket. Talk to the team about adding some additional adventure and relaxation.


  • First and Business Class Flights to New York from capital cities worldwide with Emirates or Singapore Airlines.
  • Dates: Seasonal (Typically May/June to Oct/Nov)
  • Private Transfers
  • 5 Star Accommodation
  • Luxury Liveaboard for offshore portion of itinerary
  • Private Day Boat for inshore dives
nj lighthousewreck njwreck new jersey

GERMANY – Mine (Cave) Diving

A chance to dive three Mine (Cave) systems - Slate and Chalk mines in Germany with this 8 day long Expedition. This trip is only open to qualified Cave divers – OC or CCR. The trip is led by one of Germany’s leading no mount cave divers.

  • Unique Flooded Mine dives, both Slate and Chalk
  • Sightseeing – unique History and Culture


  • First and Business Class Flights to Frankfurt from capital cities worldwide with Emirates or Singapore Airlines, then private transfer (2 hours) to Willingen.
  • Historical 5 Star Hotel Accommodation
  • Private Vehicle Transfers
Emirates First


Over the last two decades we’ve run numerous trips and expeditions to Malta, and with this Expedition we bring together our favour dives from Wrecks, Cave and Reef. Combine this with culture, history and food offerings of the islands and your set for a perfect trip. 10 day itinerary.

  • Wreck Dives off Malta and Gozo including El Faroud and Karwela, and the Blenheim Bomber
  • The Blue Hole and Double Arch Cave in Gozo
  • Historical Island Tour
  • Scenic Flight to Mount Etna with Lunch in Sicily
  • Recommended Side trip: Why not add a two day unique dive adventure on the coast of Libya.


  • First and Business Class Flights to Malta from capital cities worldwide with Emirates or Singapore Airlines.
  • 5 Star Hotel Accommodation at Sliema/Tigne Point
  • Private Vehicle Transfers
  • Private Day Boat Vessel
MaltaMalta DiveMalta Dive Plane