Operational home base is Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, we are a 5 Star rated Recreational and Technical Dive facility focused on serving those that care about doing it right, YOU our customers and fellow divers. We are the pioneers of Bespoke Private Diving Services, established back in 2003. Our warehouse is located in the Craiglie Industrial Estate, 5 minutes from the centre of Port Douglas and not open to the general public, we no longer operate a main st tourist retail store frontage, as this allows us to focus. We are here to service the Dive community only – others do a great job of servicing the day tourists well. If you need a recommendation please call us. Click here for more information on Port Douglas and our local diving.

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We stock a wide range of Best in Class products from the leading Brands and and avoid getting lost in the chaos of mediocrity or of doing things because everyone else is.

Our focus is on products, service and support that perfectly fits those that care about doing it right.

With same day shipment, free delivery options and a curated collection brought together from over 55 global brands, we have you covered. Many products are available from our online store, or pick up the phone and talk to one of our knowledgeable team.

Our service technicians are all Subject Specialists and Factory Trained, with extensive experience in Scuba, SSBA, Rebreathers, and breathing air systems.

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A very brief summary


A full range of the latest rental equipment is available, click here for details of our Port Douglas based stock. This includes Recreational and Technical Dive Equipment and surface resources includes Booster Pumps and Portable Compressors.

We have logistical resources located in a number of locations globally to allow us to best serve our customers and their expeditions.


We offer training across all aspects of dive, click here for more information. All training is with your own personal dive instructor ONE on ONE. Our multi award winning service and internationally lauded methods see the team in high demand. We are often booked out months ahead. Training is available in almost any corner of the world, not just here in Port Douglas.

Our focus is on developing the diver’s principal piece of equipment – themselves – a knowledgeable and sophisticated diver. To this end our courses are thorough, challenging and safely conducted.

Our small team includes Instructors and Subject Specialists to support your training and adventure diving needs here in Australia and beyond.


As the pioneers of Private Bespoke Diving, over two decades ago, the team travel domestically and internationally supporting YOU our divers with our unique private services – we match the right team member to you, take care of the logistics, and can ensure the entire encompassed experience is perfect, not just on and under the water, but we take care of the total experience from the right coffee in the morning, to the perfect dinner in the evening.


Expeditions – As a natural expansion of our private bespoke services, for many years we have designed and coordinated Dive Expeditions for our clients in destinations all over the world – in recent times Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Tonga, Vanuatu, Scotland, Canada, Philippines, Egypt, Malta, Gibraltar, Bahamas, Curacao, Florida, California, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua Nugini, Cocos Islands, Italy, Great Lakes, Argentina, Morocco and even Libya. Yes the team are serious frequent flyers. In late 2019, we took this a step further announcing that in addition to individual bespoke expeditions, we would from 2020 have a small curated collection of Dive Expeditions, that will change annually. Note we don’t offer ‘group package trips’, we can recommend agents who do this well if that’s your need.

Dive Travel – simply looking for some assistance or advice on your next trip, the team have traveled and dived in a LOT of countries, and we’ve built some great friendships and respect with the best operators in those destinations. As always, we are happy to put you in touch with some of the best in the business around the world. Need a little more help, just ask.


The core team has remains largely unchanged since the 2000s, and the company has rebuffed several corporate offers over the years to remain staunchly family owned. Mark, Bruce, Shino, Marg and the dive team take some pleasure in how we fly under the radar, unnoticed by the masses. That’s just the way we like it. This hasn’t stopped the team continuing to win both individual and company awards.

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