We create divers for life

This basically sums up the Tech Dive Academy philosophy.

Emphasis is not placed on issuing certification cards, we will work with you until you process the knowledge, confidence and skills required at each step in your dive adventures. Our focus is on developing the divers primary piece of equipment… themselves.

The Key piece of equipment is a knowledgeable and sophisticated diver. To this end our courses are thorough, challenging and safely conducted. Our record speaks for itself.

The result is quality training for your diving life . Bespoke private training quite literally designed for the individual.

They’ll tell you it’s a numbers game. They’re RIGHT.

Each year we engage with LESS THAN a 100 divers on their training journey, yes less than a 100, and that’s why we see the same customers time and time again. To read further on that magic number and why its so important, follow the link.