Each year we engage with LESS THAN a 100 Divers on their training journey, yes less than a 100, and that’s why we see those Customers time and again over the years. We know your faces, we know your names, we know your story, and most importantly we know the dive journey you are on.

We create divers for life

Our philosophy is really quite simple, and our directors Mark and Bruce have continued to evolve and develop the company over two decades. Each year we take time to review what we did, what we do, and what we should be doing, to provide that bespoke touch we are renowned for.

With two of the largest certifying dive stores in the World on our door step (and can we just add they do a great job) we are proud that we work with less than 100 students annually, with our focus on those individuals with specific goals and adventures ahead – creating Divers for Life.

The Key piece of equipment is a knowledgeable and sophisticated diver. To this end our courses are thorough, challenging and safely conducted.

We love the fact that even after nearly twenty years we still hear from our Divers, with photos and stories of where their diving has taken them, and we join them once again to help take them to the next step in their journeys.

As one of the industry pioneers of private programmes, we are often copied but never equaled. What we do isn’t just about what happens underwater, it’s an entire progression of engagement from the first contact to the final farewell, delivered by a team with global knowledge and a passion for LUXE Travel, Great Food and Bespoke Dive Experiences.

They’ll tell you it’s a numbers game. They’re right.