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While we typically have a very personal relationship with our clients and almost anything is possible, you might find these popular questions helpful. For the ONLINE STORE FAQ – please visit this page.

Our Training Philosophy2019-09-26T16:04:45+10:00

We create divers for life

This basically sums up the Tech Dive Academy philosophy.

Emphasis is not placed on issuing certification cards, we will work with you until you process the knowledge, confidence and skills required at each step in your dive adventures. Our focus is on developing the divers primary piece of equipment… themselves.

The Key piece of equipment is a knowledgeable and sophisticated diver. To this end our courses are thorough, challenging and safely conducted. Our record speaks for itself.

The result is quality training for your diving life . Bespoke private training quite literally designed for the individual.

They’ll tell you it’s a numbers game. They’re RIGHT.

Each year we engage with LESS THAN a 100 divers on their training journey, yes less than a 100, and that’s why we see the same customers time and time again. To read further on that magic number and why its so important, follow the link.

Award Winning2019-09-26T14:54:35+10:00
“Tech Dive Academy are simply the standard by which the others are judged – there is no comparison”
Since being founded in 2003, the company has won numerous awards and accolades from the Tourism and Dive Industries. As a small company, we are humbled by the praise and affirmations we receive from our fellow industry partners and you our customers and friends alike.

We have been named Australian Hollis Dealer of the Year, AUP Regional Dealer of the Year, received two Excellence Awards from PADI, received a Greenstar Award, won a Far North Queensland Tourism Award and a Finalist in the Queensland Tourism Awards (Adventure Tourism Section), to name a few.

Discretion – Social Media2019-09-26T14:53:50+10:00

Your privacy is important to us, and we respect this. We use a high level of discretion, and work with a really interesting mix of clients from all walks of life, which we love.

Hence you will see our social media presence is considerably scaled back, particular on “what we’re doing” and “where we are doing it”, and lets be honest, we don’t need it, virtually all of our new clients come to us from referrals from yourselves – for that we thank you.

While we’re thanking you, our thanks to those who have been able to post reviews on social media, we know for many of you, that your privacy is paramount, and you prefer not to post publicly, we also appreciate all the great feedback on our team and what we do, that you’ve given us privately, it’s great to know we are getting it right.

Doing it differently2019-09-30T16:50:00+10:00

Bespoke Private DivingAs one of the industry pioneers of private programmes, we are often copied but never equalled, as our bespoke services are individually designed to Create Divers for Life.

We focus on best in class products and avoid getting lost in the chaos of mediocrity, of cheap, of discount or of doing things because everyone else is.

We are not necessarily the most expensive, but we focus on products, service and support that perfectly fits those that care about doing it right, YOU our customers and fellow divers.

What we do isn’t just about what happens underwater, its an entire process of engagement from the first contact to the final farewell, from a team with truly global knowledge and a passion for LUXE Travel, Great Food and Bespoke Dive Experiences.

Training Centre2021-05-01T08:39:54+10:00

blending station

We are a 5 star rated Recreational and Technical Facility in Port Douglas, committed to the highest training standards, from a team with over 80 years combined experience.

Tech Dive Academy boast a state of the art Nitrox and Trimix Blending Station, and is the only Enriched Air Nitrox and Trimix Training Centre in the region.

We have full support for both recreational and technical divers (open circuit and rebreather) – Gas, Cylinders, Sorb, booster pumps etc.

Where are we Located?2021-05-01T08:42:05+10:00

Our operational home base is in picturesque Port Douglas is situated in Far North Queensland – where the Rainforest meets the Reef. Just a forty five minute drive north of Cairns International Airport, along the most spectacular coastal road you arrive to a jewel which was once one of Australia’s best kept secrets.
The relaxed seaside village ambiance blends superbly with the vibrant atmosphere of tropical style and sophistication. With it’s natural beauty and excellent year round climates Port Douglas captures visitors by the heart and has become a favourite international destination. Click here for more information on Port Douglas and our local diving.

We offer our clients a global service, whether it be Wrecks in Vanuatu, Truk Lagoon or Malta, the Caves of Mexico, or Hammerhead Sharks at Coco’s Island off Costa Rica to name but a few examples.

Hard to find?

Yes. With good reason. Our warehouse is located in the Craiglie Industrial Estate, just off the highway, 5 minutes from the centre of Port Douglas , in what we describe as nondescript building that would fit in nicely at Langley Air Force base. No signage and its not open to the general public, but is there to specifically serve our customer base, without distraction.

Why did you relocate the Macrossan Street Retail Store?


Back in 2009 we took the decision after 6 years that the retail store was a distraction – with tourists mistaking us for a reef booking centre or wanting to buy a cheap throwaway mask and snorkel (definitely not our thing). Others were better suited to serve those needs, and have grown in the years since to fill those spaces… Besides the coffee bill from the cafe next door was killing us. The move to the industrial estate has allowed us to focus on YOU our very specific client base. Although there is some concern over the growing collection of coffee machines, four at last count.

Why Port Douglas?

We’re all here for the Sea change, and Port Douglas offers great diving, excellent restaurants, good coffee, and rush hour lasts about… lets be honest there isn’t one. With an international airport just 45 minutes away with direct flights to Japan, China, Singapore, New Zealand, PNG, and all Australian Capital cities. – we can be anywhere that day, and we often are.

Diving Equipment for Training2019-09-26T14:53:36+10:00

Like everything else that sets us apart, we have the latest equipment. We replace our dive equipment every six months on a rolling basis so you’re always diving on the latest. Our in-house factory trained technician keeps a close eye on all equipment each and every week. All equipment is Nitrox ready as well.

Our training includes the use of all the applicable dive equipment included in the price.  For some Technical courses we do however recommend it is important to own your own equipment, to lock in the muscle memory and familiarity required.

Locally, we provide 3mm full length wetsuits (for protection rather than warmth) given the water temperature is typically 27-28C. For those who do feel the cold more than others, we have full length Lavacore and Enth Degree Tops to wear for thermal protection under your wetsuit. You can check our more by clicking the button below…

Do we just teach technical diving?2019-09-26T14:54:00+10:00

No. Here at Tech Dive we teach all levels of diving including

– Learn to Dive
– All Recreational Dive Courses
– All Technical Dive Courses

Along with Instructor Courses, Technical Instructor Courses, First Aid, Occupational Dive Courses, Shipboard Safety and Maritime Programmes.

Making a Booking2019-09-26T14:54:10+10:00

We accept advanced bookings up to 18 months ahead of time. Please note we tend to book out 2-3 months ahead (and often 6-8 months ahead for key Holiday and Peak Season periods).We offer a very flexible Booking Policy and therefore encourage you to book as early as possible.

Port Douglas Vessel Departures2019-09-26T14:55:28+10:00

Crystal Brook Superyacht Marina

All Port Douglas Departures leave from the Crystal Brook Super Yacht Marina, Wharf St, Port Douglas.

Your driver will collect you from the airport or your local accommodation at the agreed time on your booking documentation.

Diving and Medicals2019-09-26T14:54:26+10:00

Safety is the primary importance with Diving, and Medical conditions must be taken serious, as false information can lead to serious injury. We are happy to help with any questions or concerns. The following information is provided as a guide only.

Online Store – Helpful Information2020-01-31T14:23:07+10:00

For all the answers to your questions regarding using the Online Store, follow this link.

We cover Same Day Dispatch, Free Shipping, Express Shipping, Returns, Custom Orders and much more.

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