We have been posting regularly since 17th January 2020 on CoVid-19 and its impact on our services, in particular our Expedition Travel products and Inbound International Guests.

Latest Update – Our response can be viewed here.

Please note ‐ Sales, Servicing and Support services remain unaffected at this time, however these are through non‐contact processes only, such as our web portal, phone or digital services. Access to the offices and warehouse are restricted at this time. All equipment received for service has ALWAYS been treated with Steramine™ prior to dispatch as part of our normal hygiene process and this will continue.

Current Action

The decision to further extend the suspension of inwater activities until December 15th, has not been taken lightly, however with continued community transmission in Australia, it was the appropriate course of action, taken in conjunction with our Compliance Risk and Diligence advisors for the protection of all our stakeholders – Staff, Management and YOU our Customers.



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