We have been posting regularly since 17th January 2020 on CoVid-19 and its impact on our services, in particular our Expedition Travel products and Inbound International Guests.

Latest Update – Our response can be viewed here.


We implemented additional protocols for all services on Jan 17, 2020 – Additionally as all travel included Travel Insurance Cover for our Guests, we instigated options available under that policy for guests with travel concerns. This policy has been reviewed weekly and updated as necessary since that time with our Compliance Risk and Diligence advisors.

All ‘rental’ equipment provided by the company has always received final treatment using Steramine™ Solution as part of our cleaning procedures.

In previous notices, we implemented additional PPE measures for all transport and travel both Domestic and International. Increased office, warehouse and vessel cleaning frequency. Worked with our partners – Airlines, Hotels, Vessel operations and Transfer companies to ensure all appropriate mitigation measures were in place and being managed. All none critical meetings and staff travel were cancelled and we increased our utilisation of tech based communication options to reduce human contact – primarily Skype™, G Suite™ and Line™ services.
Cancellation or reschedule options for all Expedition Diving were offered to guests.

Current Action

We have updated our guidelines and actions effective immediately, based on today’s review 2nd March 2020.

In line with our BCP protocols, and to continue to meet our obligations to both our Guests and Staff we are implementing suspension of service elements from our Event Response Policy. This includes additional measures in our domestic Australian operations.

Suspension of Services – all International and Domestic Dive Training, Expedition and Travel productions are suspended immediately until
JULY 30th, 2020 at this stage, with a review as to when services will recommence at that time, it is likely Diving Operations may not recommend until late 2020.

As we envisage this suspension may not be lifted for a number of months, staff will contact all affected customers with 2020 bookings to assist. Pre‐emptive action in recent weeks by our team means most customers have already had mitigation steps or rebook options in place.

Please note ‐ Sales, Servicing and Support services remain unaffected at this time (02/03/2020), however these are through non‐contact processes only, such as our web portal, phone or digital services. Access to the offices and warehouse are restricted at this time. All equipment received for service has ALWAYS been treated with Steramine™ prior to dispatch as part of our normal hygiene process and this will continue.