We no longer deal with the Public. Our focus has moved solely to our existing Private Expedition Customers.

ALL Tech Dive Services are now ONLY available to our Expedition Customers, and by extension their training and equipment needs. Our Sales, Service and Support operations are also included in this significant change.

We closed our book to new Training Customers on Dec 1st 2021 due to the continued unprecedented demand for bookings, which now stretches some two years ahead. You can read more about that here. Prior to that during the pandemic we had been prioritising our existing Customers and their new booking requests, however it became clear that we needed to focus on supporting those we serve best, our loyal core customers.

From Feb 1st  2022, only customers who have been provided with a Private Customer Portal login will be able to access services – Training, Hire, Expedition, Equipment Servicing, Sales and Support.

Our now famous Expedition offerings will also be transitioning during late 2022 to our 7Expedition platform.

It is an Exciting Time for us ALL – a renewed focus, with numerous Expeditions booked or in the planning stages.

We know this a considerable change for some, but we want to ensure we continue to support YOU our core Customers. We have always said we are not for everybody and we remain committed to supporting YOU. Check your email for a personalised log in to the Private Customer Portal (PCP).

While we have never been in the mainstream tourism market and in fact our ‘public facing’ business accounted for less than 10% of our operations – given we’ve always been the bespoke scuba company – we have enjoyed supporting the needs of a broad range of customers over the years, and we thank you for that.

We’ve been renowned for our regular reviews of our business model and service, stepping back to see what we were doing right (and wrong), and making the changes necessary – this decision to step completely away from the Public has not been taken lightly, but like all evolutionary aspects of the company over the past two decades, it is designed to ensure we remain the benchmark in our market segment.

Best in class has been at the core of Tech Dive, since it was founded in 2003 by Mark, John, Targa and the rest of the team – creating and supporting divers for life was the key focus of the company, and remains so to this day.

To learn more about our process of constant change, read “The One Hundred”

We have reached out individually to our Expedition Customers to discuss YOUR ongoing needs in the years ahead and provided PCP login’s to YOU or your team.