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The Dive Bell Shop

You may have noticed a couple of tongue in cheek posts today on our facebook page regarding the opening of a new Huish Outdoors Dealer “The Diving Bell” – located in mysterious Cape Mercy.

The location may look a little familiar – the Crystal Brook Superyacht Marina, here in Port Douglas.

The team here in Tech Dive having been providing support services to Netflix production “DIVE CLUB” which is currently filming series one here in Port Douglas (renamed Cape Mercy for the show).

Overnight an empty shop at the marina has been converted in the “The Diving Bell” – Accessories and Curiosities for the Avid Diver. Check out all the photos and full post here.

So, a call to all you avid divers to visit the new store – today only – as tomorrow morning all the stock will be back in the Tech Dive Port Douglas warehouse at Craiglie, ready for its next adventure. I guess that makes “The Diving Bell” the ultimate pop-up shop.

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The series follows 16-year-olds Maddie, Lauren, Anna and Stevie. On the surface they’re regular teenagers navigating life, friendship and romance, but under the water the skilled divers enter a whole new world of adventure.

It’s an idyllic existence that’s suddenly shattered when Cape Mercy is battered by a cyclone and Lauren, the group’s charismatic trailblazer goes missing. The mystery of her disappearance, the arrival of a new friend, Izzie and with suspicious holes in the official investigation, the girls are plunged into a desperate search of their own that raises more questions the deeper they dive.

Netflix co-commissioned Dive Club with Network 10, which will show the series first in Australia.

To read the full press release, visit https://www.stevejaggi.com/news

Check out all the photos and full post here.