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20th Anniversary

John Bennett

John Bennett

This November it will be the 20th Anniversary, yes an unbelievable 20 years since John Bennett (co-founder of Tech Dive Academy) set his incredible 308m depth record on Open Circuit Scuba.

It seems only appropriate as Nov 6th approaches, we acknowledge John, his amazing achievements, along with his support team on that dive (and his fellow co-founders of Tech Dive Academy – Mark, Targa, Ron).

Nor should we forget it was John who gave us the philosophies that continue to be part of the core strength of the Company today two decades later, and on which we have continued to build – always looking to be industry leading, customer and knowledge centric.

We’d encourage those of you not familiar with this fantastic story to take a few minutes, to read on by clicking here.

Sadly John was tragically lost on a Commercial dive job off South Korea on 15 March 2004.

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