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As many of you are aware, we book out 2-3 months ahead in normal circumstance – and prior to COVID19 we WERE fully booked through until August 2020.

From as early as mid January we worked with our guests to complete cancellations,  refunds and rebooking – with no Diving or Expedition Travel taking place from early February. We announced on March 2nd, formal suspension of inwater activities for five (5) months. This suspension remains effective until July 30th at this time, when it will be reviewed.

As the moment while the warehouse and offices are closed to public access, we are still shipping orders received by phone or the online store, following strict protocols – see our update page for details.

For the latest information see our updates here

Thank You.

You can check indicative availability for your desired dates below. Please note we tend to book out 2-3 months ahead (and often 6-8 months ahead for key Holiday and Peak Season periods). We accept advanced bookings up to 18 months ahead of time. We offer a very flexible Booking Policy (see booking policy page) and therefore encourage you to book as early as possible.

We treat our customers with the respect and consideration, we ourselves would like to receive – This extends to our Cancellation Policy. It’s a refreshing difference you’ll enjoy. We simply call it good Customer Service.

Check your dates here and then contact us to plan your next adventure…