The Shearwater Petrel has stood the test of time. It is a dive computer made for demanding divers. Throughout the years, Shearwater have made few hardware changes to the Petrel line, because of its enduring reliability.

This month,they are releasing the Petrel with a titanium bezel. It is still the exact same dive computer, but with a small change to refresh the design and structure of a tried and true device.

The Petrel 2 remains our top selling technical dive computer despite the success of the Perdix AI and Teric computers in recent years. Most of the staff continue to use the Petrel 2 for their personal technical diving, and our training stocks are a combination of Petrel 2 and Perdix AI units.

The Petrel – forged in fire – read the history of the Petrel series here.

Available in our online store now.

And for those of you who have early models of the Petrel 2, yes you can upgrade to the new Bezel – contact the team for assistance, and to arrange a fitting.