The wait is over! The long-awaited new White and Yellow F1 LT Fins are officially available.

Short-bladed and tough for confined dives, the F1 LT fin offers the perfect balance of power and durability. And now, with these high vis colors, you can stand out better in the deepest, darkest corners of every cave or wreck.

Grab the new F-1 LT colours for your next dive. Of Course the traditional Grey Finish is still available.

Our New Colour Launch is June 12th – Talk to the team to place your order now – Product Details Here

When the initial F1LT ‘SEBS compound’ version of the extremely popular F1 Classic was released, we had team members once again visiting the Hollis factory in the USA and discussed colours options with the design team, so it is great to see the new colours (White and Yellow) join the range. Looks like the pink got voted down!

And here’s Six Reasons to Rock the new F1 LT Colours!


Early Production Samples of the F1 in Colour, ready for testing and review.