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The Manta ray has become our most popular recreational dive fin, so much so we have trouble keeping all the colour range in stock. But never fear, we believe they are well worth the week or two delay if we don’t have YOUR colour to hand.

The following extract was written by Australian Underwater Products CEO Adrian Briggs. A link to the full article is at the bottom of this blog.


Have no doubt that the human form would look very different if we were designed to spend all our time submerged in the marine environment. Our small hands, small feet, long limbs and inflexible skeletal structure are all evolutionary signs of a true land dwelling species.

That being said, humans are great innovators, and inspired by what we see in the natural world, have achieved feats of ingenuity that continually push the limits of our physical capability.

For as long as humans have ventured into the ocean, we have studied with awe and amazement creatures such as dolphins, whales and powerful pelagic fish species, whose ability to move at incredible speeds with such ease defies comprehension.

Modern-day designers continue to be inspired by what they observe in the maritime world, and Andrea Silvestri, one of the leading product managers and designers at Oceanic, is no exception. Silvestri has been developing fins for many years, being responsible for several major Italian brands and designs. One of his classic designs, the Oceanic Manta Ray Fins, includes many advanced technologies and design details that come from his many years of experience in materials, human factor studies, and close consultation with US marine biologists.

Today, there are two general categories of fin – “Blade” and “Split” – that make up the broader market in the sports of Scuba Diving, Free diving, Snorkeling and Spearfishing. Each category offers multiple designs and feature sets that all have unique performance characteristics based on the specific style of diving being done, and personal preference of the user. Oceanic’s Manta Ray Fin is a Blade fin design commonly used for Recreational and Technical Scuba Diving applications.

Oceanic Manta Ray Mould

In the early stages of development, prior to extensive and final in-water trials, the Manta Ray Fins were heavily tested in controlled conditions. Nine different samples were built with varying material combinations and tested amongst 15 individual divers.

The tests utilized standardized activity sets and instruments to objectively measure thrust and air consumption data, along with interviews of the individual divers to measure comfort, stability and overall impression. The material selection was narrowed down to just two options, both of which achieved high thrust and efficiency (air consumption) scores, while maintaining a very natural kick without excessive strain for the divers.

The final material selection was made months later after analyzing feedback from active divers around the globe, including divers in the USA, Europe and Australia. The result has proven to be one of the best performing fins available on the market today.

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