Shearwater® is excited to announce that the DCIEM algorithm, long favoured by commercial & military diving operations worldwide, is now available as an optional paid firmware upgrade.

DCIEM Shearwater ComputersThe algorithm was developed by the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine in Toronto, Canada and here at Tech Dive we’ve used it for many years for a number of different applications including our COTs and occupational programmes.

Shearwater have worked closely with the institute to ensure their computer implementation is true to the model.

Now, professional, public service or recreational divers using DCIEM can do so using the robust Shearwater computer range, accessing real-time decompression information and advanced planning tools to enhance safety and efficiency.

The unlock is possible for the Peregrine, Perdix, Perdix AI, NERD2 and Petrel 2 running our Shearwater’s v84 firmware, which also has several other major feature updates. So jump online and update if you haven’t already.

For more information visit the Shearwater Website.

DCIEM is available for single gas air or nitrox open circuit diving only. It does not support accelerated decompression, trimix, multigas or CCR diving at this time.

For more information about the DCIEM model and its validation we recommend the book “Deeper Into Diving, 2nd edition” by John Lippmann & Dr. Simon Mitchell.

Like to know more about this option – download the DCIEM Shearwater Manual Here