Latest Update – Sales, Servicing and Support services remain unaffected, with the only impact being slight delays with some freight services. We are continuing our non-contact support of customers through the web portal, phone or digital services. Access to the offices and Craiglie warehouse are restricted at this time.

We have good stocks of Scuba and Dive Products onhand, and our international shipments are returning to normal, so the few lines that were out of stock, are being replenished as we speak. We also still have excellent stock of spares, service kits and parts on hand – All equipment received for service has ALWAYS been treated with Steramine™ prior to dispatch as part of our normal hygiene process and this will continue.

Contactless DeliverySince our first announcement on Jan 17th regarding COVID19, we have been taking steps to disinfect and treat sale order dispatches to customers, and introduced contact free delivery in mid February with our courier providers. Our thanks to the drivers and warehouse staff for their efforts with this.

We’ve been around for 17 years, and we’re here to support you our Customers for the long haul. We are only a phone call away.



For more information on our ongoing response to COVID19 click HERE