As we all excitedly start to head back to diving, now is the time not only to check that our gear is in top shape and has been serviced if need, but we should also be checking our spares box in our dive bag.

We have brought together a collection of the essential Dive Accessories for every diver in one simple to shop category – the most popular and key items you should ALWAYS have on hand. Products that won’t break the budget but offer that superior finish and quality you are looking for.

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From our popular heavy duty C-Bite+ (Comfo bite) currently under $10, to slates, wetnotes and SMBs, including the popular Hollis SMB currently with a 40% saving.

And launching next week, we’ll also have a new range of Essentials “Save-a-Diver” kits, each one designed for a different type of diving – recreational, technical, technician, traveller and shore divers.

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