Zeagle supports military, commercial and public safety divers around the world. These colours lend themselves to those roles, and so does their toughness. For recreational divers, Zeagle equipment has gained the reputation of future “heirlooms of dive equipment”, because they keep working. And working. And working.

Zeagle Scope Tango Rescue Orange Set

In early 2020, we offered the Recon Fins and Scope Masks in limited edition Colours (Coyote Camo and Rescue Orange back in 2020) – they were so popular we are offering two limited edition colours in 2021 – a NEW Grey Camo and Rescue Orange is back!

These items are STRICTLY limited, with pre-orders being accepted now, stock will be arriving beginning of July.

When the Zeagle Recon fin first came out in 2018, it earned the Tester’s Choice Award. Developed and tested for optimal responsiveness, the Recon provides stability for technical dives and alternative kicking styles, like frog kick and helicopter turns often used by dive professionals and photographers. And the Mono mask continues to be a favourite with a wider field of vision, low air volume, frameless design. and a ski-mask-like strap enhancing comfort.

Zeagle Scope Tango Grey Camo Set

Available as individual items, or in packages using the following check out Coupons:

Use TANGO10 when you buy a Scope Mask and Tango Snorkel in limited edition colours to save $10.


Use FREETANGO when you buy a Scope Mask, Tango Snorkel, and Recon Fins in limited edition colours – and you’ll receive your Tango Snorkel FREE! Save $49!

Zeagle Recon Scope Tango Grey Camo Set

Zeagle Recon Scope Tango Rescue Orange Set

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