With a great range of Hollis, Light Monkey and Halcyon high end dive lights for our Technical customers, and Hollis and OceanPro torches for our recreational divers, you kept asking us for a mid-priced range of dive lights – like those cheaps ones you “keep seeing on the internet from companies you’ve never heard of, and shipped from goodness knows where with doubtful warranties, hard to find spares and batteries”, BUT well “reliable”, no small ask.

After a year of testing, we’re happy to finally add a selection (and the range will grow in coming months) of Xtar LED dive lights – all rated to at least 100 metres, all built using CREE technology, and backed by a two year manufacturer Australian supported warranty.

The initial D06 models (900 and 1600 Lumen options) will fit in most BC pockets, and represent great value for money.

Selling elsewhere for up to $399, we’ve set our prices at $249 and $279 respectively, to create a value position. BUT for the launch, we’re offering an ADDITIONAL $100 off each model – yes a CREE LED based 6051 aircraft aluminium dive torch for $149 – with a two year warranty, AU approved AC Charger, DC Car Charger, USB, Lanyard, Battery and carry bag.

Xtar D06 Set B Xtar D06 1600 Lumen Set Xtar D06 1600 Lumen Xtar Grip Design Xtar Battery Protection xtar toches 100m deep

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