Since being founded in 2003, Tech Dive have worked to minimise our impact and focused on Industry Best Practice – setting the standards not following others.

Oceanic (Part of the Huish Outdoors Group) have recently posted on Earth Day about their commitment to Oceanic Stewardship (you can read the full article here) and as a Oceanic partner we are proud to have engaged with them over many years in the journey towards 100% sustainability.

We applaud Mike Huish and the team at Oceanic for their progress and look forward to continuing and supporting this work.

As an industry we must all move and take the appropriate steps, from the office to the warehouse, with ZERO waste initiatives, recycling programmes – we started with Wetsuit recycling programme back in 2017 and now in 2021 recycle all scuba materials, breaking items like BCDs into component and material form for recycling, labour intensive, but it remains a free service to all customers.

In 2018 we audited to ensure all products and services on our charters were Reef Safe, this followed on from our Reef Safe Sunscreen initiative many years earlier, which at the time was a challenge to source appropriate products.

Tech Dive were the first dive operator in North Queensland to be awarded the Greenstar rating way back in 2012 and we supported the 100% Aware programme when it was introduced the same year.

We like Oceanic and our other key brands and manufacturers will continue to work on these goals, not just in obvious visual areas like packaging and products, but in areas behind the scenes and not often seen. We are a small company, but EVERYONE makes a difference.

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