Forget what you know about television for young people, because this daring new series will blow the genre out of the water.

A captivating new series created specifically (which means they’ll actually want to watch it) for contemporary teen viewers,Dive Club will kick off with a movie length premiere Monday, 29 May at 6pm on 10 Shake and 10 Play on demand.

Dive Club TV ShowFollowing its World premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival (The first three episodes as a movie event), the Netflix show Dive Club will be released on Channel 10 on May 29th 6pm – 10Shake – with Port Douglas being recreated as ‘Cape Mercy’ for the series.

Aimed at a contemporary young audience, the show chose Huish Brands – Oceanic, Zeagle, Hollis and OceanPro – for its lead actresses. Mark’s well used Hollis F1’s also make their own ‘cameo’ appearance in an exclusive scene later in the series, in a non-speaking role of course. But our lips are sealed for the moment, no spoilers.

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Creating the “Dive Bell” – Port Douglas’ newest Dive Shop.

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Dive Club Series - Huish OutdoorsAbout DIVE CLUB:

The series follows 16-year-olds Maddie, Lauren, Anna and Stevie. On the surface they’re regular teenagers navigating life, friendship and romance, but under the water the skilled divers enter a whole new world of adventure.

It’s an idyllic existence that’s suddenly shattered when Cape Mercy is battered by a cyclone and Lauren, the group’s charismatic trailblazer goes missing. The mystery of her disappearance, the arrival of a new friend, Izzie and with suspicious holes in the official investigation, the girls are plunged into a desperate search of their own that raises more questions the deeper they dive.

Netflix co-commissioned Dive Club with Network 10, which will show the series first in Australia.

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